by Clara Altfreder

Under the guidance of Mrs. Christen our English class wrote their own short stories and created great characters, creative storylines and even more creative plots. In order to achieve the best outcome in writing short stories, Mrs Christen developed a plan for us.

We followed this plan step by step.  Each of us first collected ideas and we then chose from what we liked best or combined them till we had the idea we wanted to follow.  Then a good story needs its characters so we also made up our minds about what characters and personalities we wanted in our story and what their role in the story should be.  Not to forget, the plot that makes a good story into a memorable story so we also took care of that.  Last but not least we thought about the small things one can’t forget in a short story like the motive, point of view or a conflict.  Finally, we took all these things we wrote down and put them together into our own short story.

All this was a school day worth of work and for most of us even more time to finish the story at home even during the holidays.  But we had a lot of fun getting creative and using our English skills as best as we could.  Sadly, not all of our stories fit here so we made a contest in which our course voted for the best 5 stories.  The final touches these stories got were then supported by our foreign language assistant Shona Erasmus. These are the 5 final picks the course decided on. Enjoy reading!

My future wife, by Anastasia Loch

What if…?, by Clara Altfreder

Airplane Takeover, by Henrik Weitz

A Nightmare, by Lea Mandla

Karma, by Patricia Sommer



Birgit Christen