On January 26 we, the English Theatre Workshop from the Goethe Gymnasium, were happy to experience the play “Educating Rita”, presented by the English Theatre Düsseldorf.

Despite the play being completely in English and entirely consisting of conversations between Rita and her tutor Dr. Frank Bryant, we greatly enjoyed this play and were able to follow the development of the story. We were especially fascinated by the costumes of Rita, that represented her development as an educated woman, but still showed how she stayed true to herself at the end.

This play also gave us a stark contrast to our current play we are developing, as we, for the most part, focus on the physical side of theatre, moving more than speaking. This experience has shown us, that we might be able to have a little more text, if only we work on how we enact the text. In addition, the clear language of the two characters serves us as an inspiration to work on our own skills.

Overall, a great experience we would never think twice about seeing it again!

Inga Lasys


André Valente