Goethe English Network (GEN)

English and international parents offer authentic English experiences

Goethe English Network (GEN) was founded in April 2010. One teacher and 3 English Speaking Mums had the ambition to make English more than “just” a school subject, giving students the opportunity to experience English outside the classroom and in real-life situations. The aim of the network is to identify and use all available talents from native English speakers and Internationals at school including parents, guest speakers and past pupils, promoting the importance of English while having some fun.

Together with the School’s English Department, we have held numerous activities including: Halloween parties, carol singing (Link zu Ordner Feste feiern), English Day at Goethe (including lecturers from abroad) (Link zu Ordner English Day), quizzes, sport activities, author readings, mock interviews (including help with CV’s and letters) (Link zu mock interviews), My Finance Coach (Link zu Ordner Workshops), presenting in English and film afternoons.

Our vision is to incorporate available resources within Düsseldorf, e.g. English Theatre Düsseldorf , Irish Film Festival Düsseldorf and other interesting external resources that use English as a primary language. In addition we aim to have an English Corner on the Goethe website.

GEN provides a great way into getting a deeper insight into school life, to meet people with common interests while developing an interesting new network. We are most proud of our work involved in the English Day (Link zu Ordner English Day) which drew heavily on school resources, past pupils and parents. To take over the school for a whole day and provide interesting and fun experiences for the pupils made all of us feel a level of awe for teachers. We had a wide range of talks and events from Düsseldorf`s Gaelic Football Team to lecturers from universities in Dublin and London and an English Café. The feedback was amazing and it was fabulous to get the school including pupils and parents involved together in one project.

English and international parents shape our school life

The Goethe English Network is a group of native English speakers and internationals at Goethe. Our aim is to organise, identify and use all available talents, occupations and contributions from parents and other volunteers in the school.

Our goal is to make English more than “just” a school subject giving students the opportunity to experience English outside the classroom, in real-life situations.

If GEN has caught your interest and you would be willing to participate contact us at: goetheenglishnetwork(at)gmail.com.  “Goethe-English Network (GEN) – Native English Speakers and Internationals Wanted” . 

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